Aids Awareness

The HIV/AIDS epidemic is a predominant health priority and social issue, which has affected the country since a long time. The epidemic has had a great impact on the young generation and threatens the nation's sustainable development.

The HIV/AIDS epidemic in Vietnam is characterized by a mixture of two outbreaks: one is associated with sharing injecting equipment among drug users, mainly in the North and the other is related to unprotected sexual behaviour and is predominantly in the South.

Recent improvement to the transportation infrastructure allows for a higher volume of population mobility, which not only fosters urbanization, but also fuels the spread of HIV/AIDS to rural areas. Epidemiologically, the epidemic is in a relatively 'concentrated' stage (UNAIDS/WHO definition of an epidemic is where the prevalence is more than 5% of vulnerable groups but less than 1% of the
young population aged 15-49). That means the epidemic is mostly contained among what are called 'high risk populations'. For example, prevalence nationally in Vietnam is 30% among injecting drug users (IDUs) and 6% among female sex workers. Overall, it is at 0.23% of the general population, but has reached 0.5% of adults aged 15-49. Of most serious concern is that age groups of 20-29
and 13-19 account for 65% of total HIV reported cases.



Although males account for 85% of HIV reported cases, the figure might be biased due to the selection sampling method with more than half of HIV cases detected among the drug user group i . Furthermore, the An Committee exceeded 2% in 2019.under this programme 200 men and women were benefited. the villagers are greatly appreciated me .

As a part of our efforts to make basic healthcare accessible for all, Sahithi Foundation conducts free health camps in villages, providing medicines to over 950 people. Many of these villages have no healthcare facilities or even a qualified healthcare worker. Free health camps are organized in the rural areas where people are neither able to afford medical treatment nor having any basic knowledge regarding health and hygiene. So, through these programmes people are given various tips on health issues. Besides these, basic health problems and illnesses are diagnosed easily and patients are provided with free medicines. The programme is conducted in its targeted area with the help of doctors. In fact, these programmes have been of great benefit to many such people every year who could not reach the nearest local hospitals. Sahithi Foundation is grateful to all its donors who have made this programme a success and without any issues.

Sahithi Foundation

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