Aims & Objectives

  • ​Establishment of orphanages and other establishments for relief and help to the poor, needy and destitute people, orphans, widows and aged persons.

  • Establishment of old age homes for relief of the poor and needy people.

  • To establish, manage and maintain schools and to maintain libraries, and reading rooms.

  • To provide accommodation and education to orphans.

  • To provide financial assistance to the poor children who want to pursue education and get a job.

  • To provide medical facilities to babies, who are born in financially poor families, up to the age of three and also provide medical help to poor families.

  • To provide free coaching for competitive exams like Civil Services, banking, etc. to girls and boys who are financially poor.

  • To adopt villages where disasters occur quite often and provide help whenever they need.

  • To establish scholarships and render other kind of aids to students including supply of books, stipends, medals and other incentives to study without any discrimination based on caste, color, race, creed etc.

  • To adopt physically and mentally challenged children from poor families and look after their well-being.

  • To undertake any research in the field of Science, Social Issues and Statistics. The organization can undertake the research work all by themselves or it may take the help of the other organizations in time of need.

  • Apply for the approvals, recognitions and licenses from the concerned Government organization for taking up scientific research.

  • To develop Science, Commerce, Arts and Computer Science.

  • To encourage sports, games, physical education, yoga and meditation.

  • To train in fine arts like drawing, painting, sculpturing and other cultural activities.

  • To promote health, women and child welfare programmes.

  • To encourage watershed development programmes, as well as prevent all kinds of pollution and maintain ecological balance.

  • Make donations to another organization with common aims and objectives.

  • Construction of Rehabilitation centres.

  • Construction and maintenance of incubation centres for start-ups.

  • Run varied welfare programmes in the field of Science, Humanity, Social issues and Culture.

  • To coordinate and cooperate with other societies and Govt organisations.

  • To strengthen efforts of state government, other organizations, and individuals for the upliftment of the backward and weaker sections of the society.

  • To participate in recovery activities in times of natural calamities like drought, earthquakes, etc.

  • To promote medical education and self employment activities.

  • To undertake programmes in water and sanitation.

  • To instigate active participation of the community in their own developmental activities and to create greater awareness in the people towards their own resources.

  • Of the community in their own developmental Activities and to create greater awareness in the people of their own resources and Mobilizes them for self-reliance and Development.

  • To improve the literacy rates by running skill development and technical programmes.

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