We will be planning to give fellowships to researchers coming two financial years in the following research projects.

  • Health, Hospitality and Virology

  • Education, Educational Concepts

  • Agricultural – Organic Farming

About the Research Fellowship: Eligibility and Application

Eligibility:Applicants should be Indians residing in India, above the age of 18 years. If your proposal is part of a submission to any academic institution or if you are already receiving funding for conduct of the research proposed, it will be ineligible for this fellowship.

Language:Applicants may choose to work in any Indian language including English. Your application needs to clearly mention the language in which you will submit the report. As the assessment of your research proposal will be conducted in English, please also include an English translation of the proposal, CV and writing sample.

Grant Sizes: Up-to 10 fellowships ranging from Rs.50, 000 to Rs.1 lakh will be awarded. The fellowship grant will be released in installments against specific deliverables.

Duration: The duration of the fellowship is one year.

Form Link announce later.