Anugu Mahipal

Anugu Mahipal, an M.Sc graduate in Physical Science, has worked as a lecturer in a private degree college for 3 years. He has played an instrumental role in establishing a school in 2010, a degree college in 2011, and a junior college in 2013.

Kolipaka Ramesh

Kolipaka Ramesh, an M.Com graduate in Commerce and Business Management, has worked as a lecturer in a private degree college for 7 years. He has played a key role in establishing a degree college in 2011 and a junior college in 2013.

Ramula komala
Joint secretarey
Byri Kumara Swamy
Kondi Radha Kishan
Executive Member

Ramula Komala has completed her B.Ed in Social Science and worked as a teacher in a private school for 5 years. She played a key role in establishing the Sahithi Foundation along with her husband Sri. Ramula Komuraiah in 2013.

Byri Kumaraswamy, M.A. in Economics, has worked as a lecturer in a private degree college for 4 years.

Kondi Radha Kishan, M.A. in Sociology, has worked as a lecturer in a private degree college for 9 years.

Doddipally Ramesh
Executive member

Doddipally Ramesh, Masters in Mechanical Engineering, has worked at Airtel as an Engineer.

Raju Laxman Gantyal
Chief Operational Officer, Mumbai

Raju Laxman Gantyal hails from Mumbai and has always had an inclination towards helping the society, which led him to Sahithi Foundation. As the Chief Operating Officer at Sahithi, his main job is to coordinate the NGO’s activities and support the development of strategies and programmes regarding the upliftment of the civil society, ensuring good relations with government bodies and other policy influencing organizations. Scheduling meetings with local NGOs, arranging conference calls, making travel arrangements, planning and organizing workshops to identify needs for development and training etc. are some of the other important activities carried out by him. 

Balasani Kumar
Chief Operational Officer, Hyderabad

been given the opportunity and the responsibility to be a  part of this social organisation .Sahithi  Foundation ngo is very close to my heart as it was started with a lot of sincerity and honesty, only with a vision to serve the society .

I myself coming from the small village of Telangana, having to struggle a lot to reach where I am today. I am very well understood the importance of that one opportunity a lot of people await in rural and poverty stricken areas.

We Sahithi Foundation believe in giving that missing opportunity to the several youth and women Through our free skill development centers.our project is not just providing skill development, but to give them sustainable livelihood by opening up various employment options for them.

We comprise a group of committed professionals working hands-on like a professional organisation but with the values and the Ethics of a non-profit. Values or something we all thrive on

We are committed to continuously strive to realize dreams for children, women and unemployed youth in our cause, with your supports and partnership. Please find enclosed an information profile and donation form from your kind consideration. This is only possible because someone helped like you financially,socially, morally.

We are one community.We stand strong together.We are resilient in these difficult times.We are here with and for you.

Ramula Komuraiah
Founder & Secretary

Ramula Komuraiah (Ramula Kumar) was born and raised at Kachapur village of Shankarapatnam in the Karimnagar district in Telangana, India. He did his schooling from ZPHS, Molangoor and went on to pursue degrees from renowned colleges like Jayasri Degree College (Karimnagar), Kakatiya University (Warangal), and Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University (BRAOU, Hyderabad).

A proud father of three children (2 sons and a daughter), he was devastated by the loss of his daughter - Ramula Sahithi, in an unfortunate accident in the year 2012. To commemorate her memory, he decided to serve the society in the name of Ramula Sahithi in 2012. He established the Sahithi Foundation in her loving memory.

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