Sahithi Classical Academy

Dear Brothers and Sisters!

India has a great reputation in the world. It is the birth place for civilization, culture and tradition, arts and music. We, Indians, follow Western culture whereas all the countries of the world attract and follow Indian culture and tradition.

Rayaprolu Subba Rao inspired among Indians about nation and nationality by providing a Patriotic song: “Kaledina that any desamegina any pithamekkina, evvaremanina, Bharti praise thy mother earth, you have to get up to full respect for the race.” (Ē dēśamēginā endu kāleḍinā ē pīṭhamekkinā, evvarēmaninā, pogaḍarā nī talli bhūmi bhāratini, nilaparā nī jāti niṇḍu gauravamu). A number of artists spread Indian honour and name to all the countries by their work and songs.

Man has learnt various arts for the sake of mental amusement after gaining three minimum requirements—food, shelter and clothes. By this, one can get not only mental joy but also personality development. The arts that are formed for the enjoyment and happiness become the profession for many young boys and girls and make them to exist happily.


A work that can be done attractively and beautifully is called aesthetic piece. They are 64 traditional arts. Natya Shastra and centuries of Hindu cultural traditions have given rise to several art forms. Lalitha Kalalu are six in number. They are three types— Avisravya art, visua arts, and Samahara art. Dance is one among the Samahara arts. Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Odissi, Manipuri etc are some of the Indian dances. These ancient arts are, somewhat, neglected in the modern India. The present young people are not much interested in these ancient Indian traditional dances in the intoxication of Pub dances and club dances. There would be a big question of nation and nationality; existence of Indian arts, music, culture and tradition because of western culture impact on Indians. There are a number of artists show Indian culture and tradition to the western countries even in the disastrous situations. We, Indians, are attracters to our arts. Even the western people are also attracted to our arts, learning Indian arts they spread its importance and greatness across the world.


We, founders and members of Sahithi Foundation, would like to train and teach Indian Classical dances such as Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi for free of cost from March 22, 2018 (Sahithi birthday) in the premises of Sri Vaagdevi Degree College, Huzurabad. The interested girls are requested to contact at Sri Vaagdevi Degree College, Huzurabad and enroll your name.


The enrolment would be continued up to March 22, 2018. We are happy to announce that we would like to continue the same in the future days also and provide the best prizes by conducting Indian Classical dances competitions. We request you to save Indian culture and tradition and get named by learning ancient Indian Classical dances from using this wonderful and great opportunity.