What We Do

1 .Charity for Education & Research:

We at Sahithi, give extreme importance towards the development of education and research. With the help of the contributions we help build schools for children from underprivileged societies and with special needs, collaborate with organizations offering vocational and technical training, build libraries, promote literacy programmes, provide scholarships, etc. to name a few. We leave no stones unturned to motivate people and provide quality education and educational aids to children in need.

2 .Charity for Skill Development:

Most of the underprivileged educated youth lack the skill set to get into a proper employment leading to unemployment and frustration to the family. Sahithi Foundation identifies these underprivileged youth in the urban and rural areas. In the process, the rural youth were provided with skill-based training to equip themselves to get jobs in the private sector.


3 .Charity for Health & Research:

As a part of our efforts to make basic healthcare accessible for all, Sahithi Foundation conducts free health camps in villages and provides free medicines. Free health camps are organised in the rural areas where people are neither able to afford medical treatment nor having any basic knowledge regarding health and hygiene. Besides these, basic health problems and illnesses are diagnosed and provided with free medicines. These programmes have been of great benefit to many such people every year who could not reach the nearest local hospitals.

4 .Charity for Save the Child:

All children have the right to a healthy, happy and fulfilling life.  Our motto is “KEEP CHILDREN SAFE & FREE FROM HARM”. We work hard to help children move past the trauma of disaster and rebuild their lives.


We are researching on providing robust and nutrition benefits to the child coming from the most marginalized communities.